Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Straight from the heart of Mexico City, Mexico, up-and-coming Spanish-language metal troupe, The Fawkles self-released their debut album, FWK on the 16th of March, 2017.

Running at just under 32 minutes, FWK is short, sweet, and never not in-your-face with something wholly and easily enjoyable to both new and more seasoned fans of the genre alike.

The opening track, humorously titled "Hammura-Hamburger" serves as a noteworthy first impression of the Fawkles' eagerness to impress and delight. The dueling guitars crunch and squeal at all the right moments and with all the subtlety of a cannonball crashing through your window. The percussion drives the lead instrumentals like a stalwart captain at sea -- eager to test his metal against whatever unnamed foe lies in wait on the horizon. And it's this audible yearning to confront conflict with levity that grants The Fawkles an air of authenticity not always so plainly evident in other aspiring metal acts.

What follows is no less enticing as singer, guitarist, and principle songwriter Charles Black introduces his vocal talents to the ensemble. Unfortunately, because I'm not a native speaker of the Spanish language, my interpretation of the lyrics will mostly be eschewed from this review. A quick Google translation of perhaps the most memorable track on the album, "Jackie Chan," however, put a grin on my face in no time.

The one minor point of criticism I have with the album is the group's decision to close with a vocal track that -- while perhaps an earned moment of silliness -- nevertheless left me scratching my head when I felt it should have been banging.

In spite of this minor nitpick, FWK is a thoroughly enjoyable heavy metal album which will leave you drooling for more.

Stand-out tracks: "Hammura-Hamburger", "PĂ©ndulo", "Tako," "Jackie Chan."

Rating: 8/10 -- Great stuff!


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FR: The Fawkles - FWK