Saturday, August 27, 2016

TAR: The Expanders - Hustling Culture

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Reggae music has always been a bit of an outlier for me. There's no doubt that I absolutely dig the music and respect the musicians; but it was always a genre that was good "for the moment" or "for the occasion." I never really let it be a part of my ever-evolving, nebulous collection of music that I was really *into* -- know what I mean? But this album may just buck that trend for me. I can see how the songs could fit in among a shuffle-playlist of my other favorite albums. And that's new to me. And new is good. Music is and always will be a personal experience for the listener. The Expanders reminds us of that fact elegantly, all the while setting the mood for what is just some seriously dope roots-reggae music. And hey! The name of the band fits the message of this website: Expand your musical horizons!

Stand-out tracks: "Uptown Set", "People Business", "Reggae Pops (Featuring Dan Hastie From Orgone)", "Thanks For Life"

Rating: 8/10 -- Great stuff!


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